Local Advisory Groups (LAG)


Our schools have Local Advisory Groups to provide another layer of oversight to our work.  At present, St Mary's, Richard Crosse and The Howard operate a joint LAG, while Anson has a stand alone group.  All groups report into the Board of Directors.


Richard Crosse, St Mary's & The Howard

The LAG has a mandated membership constituted of parent members, community members, and for Church of England schools, Diocese members.


The function of the Local Advisory Group is :

  1. Engaging in local dialogue with local professionals;

  2. Identifying local needs and characteristics that create uniqueness;

  3. Scrutinising the work of the schools – standards, behaviour, safety, care and guidance, provision;

  4. Understanding the vision and values of the Trust and their implementation;

  5. Understanding the policy and process of the Trust and how it its implementation impacts in their schools;

  6. Raising concerns with the Board and seeking advice;

  7. Responding to challenges from the Board;

  8. Being part of the electoral process for the Director of LAGs role;

  9. Sharing its understanding with the parental body and all stakeholders;

  10. Help support the Christian distinctiveness of our Church Schools.

To enquire about joining a LAG, please speak to your school's Headteacher.


Anson LAG

Since joining The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust, Anson has formed a new local governing committee. This committee continues to oversee the strategic work of Anson school and is directly responsible to The Staffordshire Schools Multi Academy Trust board of directors.

Certain responsibilities have been delegated to the local governing committee, which are reported to the board of directors on a regular basis.

​What the committee members can do:

The committee members are responsible for making sure the school is run so children are encouraged to achieve their full potential.

They are involved in:

  • Supporting the direction, policies and objectives of the school
  • Agreeing the school budget
  • Making sure the curriculum is balanced and broadly based
  • Challenging and supporting the Headteacher

What Committee Members can’t do:

The local governing committee is a group. Individual members have no powers except where the whole committee has given them a specific job to do.

The local governing committee make their decisions based on the advice of members that deal with specific issues, such as the school's curriculum, premises or finances. They don’t make decisions individually and they can’t go into schools and make demands of the Headteacher and staff.

To find out more about the local governing committee, ask any member of the governing team

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